Types of Wedding Videos

Types of Wedding Videos

June 18, 2015 Videos,Weddings and Events

Wedding videography is the practice of recording the goings-on of a wedding on film, including preparations before and the reception (and sometimes the honeymoon) after the big event. There are many styles of wedding videos, but they usually fall into one (or more) of a few different categories. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular options that are currently and still in fashion.


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Much as the name implies, a documentary documents the wedding day in a linear style, reporting on events as they happen. Many times, interviews with the bride and groom, as well as the family members and friends closest to them, are included in the final video. This style requires a large amount of editing and often involves multiple camera crews at different locations.


The cinematic style of shooting is definitely the most editing-intense option. The use of multiple cameras and a lot of equipment to capture important moments on film also tags this as one of the most expensive choices for brides and grooms-to-be. The creative result, however, is often well worth the price tag. It is especially important to view samples and check the references of a videographer when a cinematic style is desired. The dream video in a couple’s mind requires a lot of communication with the director to become a reality.


The storytelling method of capturing a wedding can start days, months or even years ahead of the actual ceremony. In this style, the videographer strives to capture the essence and story of the couple’s love as they prepare to tie the knot. Understandably, this style also requires quite a bit of editing, planning and budgeting.

Short Form

Short form wedding videos entertain a broad variety of definitions. Typically understood to be longer than 15 minutes, but less than an hour, a short form can encompass elements of storytelling, documentary and cinematic styles. Some editing is required, but the amount varies from wedding to wedding and couple to couple.


A traditional wedding video usually records the ceremony and the reception. Very little editing is required with this style, and traditional wedding videos can get quite lengthy – sometimes three hours or more.


Whichever type of wedding video is chosen, it is important to interview a variety of videographers and view their samples before makin

g the final decision. Documenting this important, once-in-a-lifetime occasion requires a lot of budgeting, time and planning, but the memories recorded become part of family history and are worth the effort.


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